Nurse Call System


About Nurse Call System : 


The nurse call system is designed to serve health care institutions in particular to allow for the acceleration and upgrading of medical services. It forms a link between patients and nursing staff, Which facilitates reaching patients according to their needs in a safe and effective way. It is also distinguished by its ability to deal with patient care schedules and drug appointments to provide appropriate alerts and notifications in their times. 

The electronic nurse call system is characterized by the feature of controlling the performance of nurses where the system records the time that the patient requests help and also records the response time of the nurse and her arrival to the patient’s bed where the activities recorded on the system are reviewed by supervisors later to evaluate the good performance.


System components:




  • The Main Control Unit

  • Bed Call Unit

  • Bathroom Call Unit

  • Room Lighting Indication

  • System Management Software

The Main Control Unit

It contains a 15 inch screen and all the equipment for communicating with the system, and it is installed in the nurses’ presence area, where it shows the complete condition of the rooms as follows:

  • Calling Room Number.
  • The Calling Bed Number.
  • An Arrow Pointing To The Room Area.
  • The Name Of The Calling Patient And The Type Of His Illness.
  • A Color Appears On The Screen That Indicates The Level Of Severity Of The Patient’s Condition.
  • The Monitoring Unit Emits A Beep Intermittently, So That The Beep Can Only Be Turned Off After Serving The Patient.
  • Connectable To The Network.


Bed Call Unit


It is fixed to the patient’s bed and contains the following:

  • Hand Push On The Patient’s Bed Attached To A Strong Wire With Tongs To Attach It To The Edge Of The Bed

  • A Button Used By The Nurse To Confirm Her Attendance
  • Illumination That Lights Up When The Patient Calls And Turns Off When The Nurse Presses The Attendance Button

  • (Optional) An Emergency Button Pressed By The Nurse To Seek External Help In An Emergency And Serious Situation.



Bathroom Call Unit

Insulated and waterproof button attached to the attached bathroom, which the patient uses when seeking help.



Room Lighting Indication

Clear LED lighting installed on the door of the room.

System Management Software


  • The Software Works On Internet Browsers.

  • Printing Reports For All Activities And Movements On The System To Control Performance.

  • All Activities Are Recorded On The System Such As Call Time, Nurse Response Time, Room And Beds Numbers, And Patient Data And Are Organized In Tables And A Database For Review And Printing Later.