Queue Management System



  • Increase Service Capacity And Productivity.

  • Reduce Customer Wait And Service Time.

  • Enhance Customer Experience And Satisfaction.

  • Communicate, Engage, Connect, And Inform Customers And Employees.

  • Monitor And Enhance Employee Performance And Productivity.

  • Report And Statistics About Your Workflow.

  • Centrally Control And Manage The Queue.


  • Can Be Integrated Into An Existing Network Or Built With An Isolated Network.

  • All Communications Between Tellers And The Main Server Go Through A LAN Network, Wired Or Wireless.

  • Extendable With Custom Features To Meet Client’s Needs.

  • Web Based System That Uses Light Weight Client (Web Browser), Which Requires Minimal Installation.

  • Unlimited Number Of Service And Sum Categories.

  • Supports Multiple POS (Ticket Dispensers).

  • Compatible With All iDeal-Q Hardware.

  • Works On Any Platform.

  • Monitoring, Reports And Statistics.

  • Remote Monitoring And Control Through The Internet.

  • Full Admin Control Over Configuration And Classification.


 Ticket Dispenser


  • Generate The Printed Queue Ticket.

  • 17/15 IR Touch Screen.

  • High Speed Thermal Printer.

  • Heavy Duty Enclosure.

  • Supports Bar Code Reader, RFID, NFC (Optional).

 Teller Station Software


  • Works With Thin Client Environment.

  • Supports Multi-Languages.

  • Teller Can Call The Next Ticket, Call Again, Transfer, ETC.

  • Customizable,  Color Coded Interface With Popup Notifications.

 Dot Matrix Service-Counter Display


  • High Resolution.

  • Multi-Color With High Brightness.

  • Support Multi-Language.

  • Support Scrolling Display.

 Service-Counter Display


  • 15 Inch Screen

  • High Brightness.

  • Display Advertisements .

  • Wireless (Optional).

 Waiting Area Display


  • Full HD screen.

  • Queue Status Representation.

  • Wireless (Optional).

  • Fully Customized Representation.

 iDeal-Q Sound System


  • Can Be Attached To A Wall.

  • Can Be Ceiling Type.